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At ValuesCulture, we help you to build sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging data to define a strong, values-based organizational culture that:


  • Improves engagement and retention of top performers

  • Makes your company a first stop destination for top talent 

  • Sees your engaged team act like recruiters - reducing reliance on external staffing firms

  • Builds your reputation - enhancing your brand in the eyes of prospects and customers

  • Enables alignment on, and attainment of, your organization’s vision and mission

Investing in defining your strong values-based culture can lead to great ROI gains:

Wall Street Journal, Bain & Company, & Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report

Peter Phelan
Founder and CEO, ValuesCulture

ValuesCulture was founded in 2016 by Peter Phelan, after a twenty-year in-house career in global People & Culture leadership including Chief People Officer roles at leading global tech companies. To date (2024) ValuesCulture has had the honor of partnering with 125+ organizations seeking to optimize their organizational cultures!

  • As Chief People Officer of MediaMath, led cultural initiatives resulting in the company earning Great Rated status from GreatPlacesToWork, a spot on Crain's New York Best Places to Work list for 2014 & 2015, and a Glassdoor ranking among the Top 25 U.S. Small/Medium Sized Business Best Place To Work in 2014, 2015, & 2016 (a three-in-a-row only ever achieved by two companies). ValuesCulture clients now see similar success!

  • Selected as Top 100 HR Innovator in Tech 2016

  • Frequently Quoted by SHRM in HR Magazine and the SHRM blog

  • Featured “HR expert” on over 30 segments aired on Bloomberg Radio, WBBR AM 1130 (NYC)

  • Award winning writer and Board Member of New York Financial Writers Association

  • Popular speaker on HR Transformation, e.g. for Convey IQ, Culture First, DisruptHR, EXpodcast, GetFive,, HR Redefined, HR Transform, IACPR, iHeartRADIO, Marcus Evans, People & Tech Series, TINYcon, & HR Uncubed 

  • Drove MediaMath’s cultural initiatives when the company saw #1 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice ranking in New York for 2016 and the #2 ranking in both 2014 and 2015 

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