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Kavita Vora

Chief People Officer, BrainPOP

"When our organization was acquired by a new owner that had very ambitious global expansion plans for us, we had to build significant People/Talent function capacity to support that growth, and fast! Having worked with Peter before - I knew ValuesCulture was capable of achieving transformative results on an accelerated timeline. I wasn't disappointed! With no less than three transformative hires in just a few months, with extraordinarily complementary skill sets to the existing team, as well as to one another, a dream People/Talent team was completed! Our stakeholders are delighted and any nerves I had about our very ambitious global expansion plans have melted away."

Mathew Kuruvinakunnel
Head of Finance & Operations at Jumbo Privacy

"The People/Talent lead ValuesCulture found for us was the one of the most successful hires I ever made."

Rob Behnke

CEO & CoFounder, Halborn

"You've really changed my perspective on working with external recruiters.  Was a fantastic UX :-)."

Sameer Ahuja

President, GameChanger (Division of Dick's Sporting Goods)

"Best pipeline of candidates for an exec role I have seen at GC!!!!!"

Dylan Beynon 

Founder & CEO, Mindbloom

"Peter did my recent People search. I'm a 3x founder, and it was the fastest placement I've ever made w/ a recruiter. I think we hired our People Lead out of the 1st batch of candidates he sent, and it was right as we opened the search. It was so fast that it's hard to give a reference other than to say the results clearly speak for themselves :)"

Daniel Doktori,

Chief of Staff & General Counsel, Credly

"ValuesCulture stepped in to assist us with our search for a head of people operations. Peter's contributions helped us enhance both our search strategy and the precision with which we approached it. Peter's probing questions helped us identify not only what we said we wanted, but what we needed. He challenged us in all of the right ways and helped identify both passive and active candidates that were excellent fits who might have otherwise flown under our radar. Ultimately, Peter helped us find a candidate whom we hired and subsequently promoted on an accelerated timeline thanks to her business savvy and excellent culture add. We've remained in touch with Peter since the hire and feel that we've not only benefited from the successful recruitment, but also have joined a highly valuable ValuesCulture network."

Aine Abriscati

Senior Manager, Communications & Culture


“ValuesCulture possesses the recipes needed to strengthen, restore and evangelize organizational culture. We were at a quandary for how to enhance our employer brand on several external platforms; it just wasn’t reflective of our values, our spirit and how our team members showed up each day. With Peter Phelan’s guidance and partnership, we were able to reposition our brand in an authentic way that resonated with candidates and colleagues. His proven formula for driving progress, engaging stakeholders and storytelling helped tremendously with talent attraction and retention. I would highly recommend engaging ValuesCulture.”

Alex Shashou

Co-Founder & President, ALICE

"We are in growth mode and were looking to hire a VP, People but were having trouble finding the one our company deserved on our own. Having little experience with the role in general, it was tough to prioritize what People & Culture skill sets were "must haves" and which were "nice to haves" in light of our various big ambitions as a business for the coming years.

The typical route would have been to go with a headhunter that specialized in People & Culture people but we ended up going with a Culture Doctor and we're very glad we did. Peter is not only a veteran of an impressive People & Culture career, e.g. Chief People Officer for two global tech companies, but the culture consulting work he's been doing in recent years keeps him fully current on the challenges faced by companies like ours every day. In the needs assessment process, for example, Peter used profile tools and asked deep questions that helped him get to know us in a way that it'd be hard to imagine a regular headhunter doing.


Above all, we were blown away by the caliber of candidates presented and their fit with our needs. We finally felt like we were not wasting time but on a great track and we hired a stellar VP, People. So, for the People & Culture niche, before you go with a headhunter, our advice would be to strongly consider the Culture Doctor!"

Michael Rothkopf

Co-Founder, Buffy

"At a rapidly growing startup the ironic thing about your search for your first People & Culture leader is that the very team member who'd be best equipped to help you make it a structured, precise, and efficient process is the person you don't yet have on the team!

We experienced the downside of this at Buffy when we spent months talking to 50+ people -- never quite feeling confident that we were 100% on the right track. After a massive time investment the ROI was unclear.


Then, thankfully, we were introduced to ValuesCulture. Now we had Peter as that seasoned People & Culture leader who was ideally equipped to help us with a structured, precise, and efficient process to find our own People & Culture leader. It was transformative to all of a sudden be really enjoying the luxury of being very thorough and exacting on what we felt was one of the most important hires we'd be making for the year.

It was a total game-changer to have Peter's attention on this role and before long we had an offer acceptance from a People & Culture lead who exceeds all of the expectations we'd originally had for this role!"

Dorothy Clark

VP of People, Index Exchange

"Peter Phelan is an outstanding Culture Doctor. 


Addressing culture can be a little scary as it's personal. Peter's positive strengths-based approach was disarming and both opened our eyes to some blind spots and revealed strengths we didn't know we had!

When we first reached out to ValuesCulture we were in rapid growth mode. We knew that to scale successfully we needed a better sense of our unique culture than was captured by non-unique phrases like "work hard - play hard" - but we didn't know where to start on codifying our IX behavioral differentiators.

Peter Phelan knows where to start, how to assemble and engage a project team, and how to finish strong! He helped us get a large and diverse set of stakeholders involved - and ran a very structured process that efficiently and effectively corralled this diversity of stakeholders perspectives. We'd never have imagined that an organizational culture definition exercise could be so scientific, data-driven, and fun!

We quickly landed on the goal of defining our Company Values and ValuesCulture didn't disappoint. We came out with a deep sense of our unique strengths as a culture and as a business - and codified a set of behavioral expectations to help us scale with confidence. It didn't end there though - the momentum the project gained internally led to our also defining our Vision & Mission (now client-facing messaging) as well! 

Prevention is the best cure. Don't wait, call Peter Phelan - The Culture Doctor!"

Jennifer L. Williams

Dir. of People & Culture, SecurityScorecard

"There's a bit on an unspoken epidemic in business: Management wants a set of actions/outcomes from The Team. The Team wants a set of actions/outcomes from Management. And conflict, frustration, and disengagement ensues when IT SEEMS that the two worldviews/needs are diametrically opposed.

Peter Phelan, The Culture Doctor, has found a cure! His frameworks have an uncanny power to show that these stakeholders' needs are more often than not two sides of the very same coin. It's amazing how ValuesCulture can reveal that what was seen as a gaping chasm of division was actually more like a crack in the sidewalk. If you want a more aligned organization - you have to call The Culture Doctor!"


People Leader @ NYC Tech Company

"ValuesCulture's frameworks are an incredible way to build trust in an employee base. And trust is the catalyst for innovation and performance!

I would recommend Peter Phelan's company to anyone seeking to unlock the potential of their human capital."

Scott Mesh, PhD

CEO @ Los Ninos Services

"We have had a great experience with ValuesCulture. Peter Phelan has a remarkable history in driving top cultures and achieving great results. He was able to pinpoint key objectives to help us kick up our culture to increase our employer brand and be known as one of the best in our industry.


This is critical for us to recruit and retain the top folks, doing a great job for our clients, and maintaining our reputation as a great provider of special education services. I would highly recommend ValuesCulture to develop and implement a winning plan to drive a great culture with great results for clients, coworkers and company."

Want to chat? Contact Peter at
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