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Our Commitment To Prospect/Client Confidentiality

At ValuesCulture we understand that your unique organizational culture is an incredibly valuable asset and an asset that your organization should get full credit for defining and cultivating. This remains equally true if you choose to invest in our products or services in order to accelerate the process of defining a winning organizational culture that's built for scale. 

For this reason, we guarantee strict confidentiality for all of our prospects and clients. We are more than happy to enter into an NDA at the outset of any conversations. And rest assured that even if we do not formally paper our commitment to confidentiality at the very outset of any conversations, e.g. for any logistical reason on your side, ValuesCulture will behave as though we had done so.

ValuesCulture can provide consulting in a very low key way, with our engagement needing only to be apparent to senior management and your HR team. The most visible steps in our processes, e.g. employee surveys, can be executed by your HR team after being carefully crafted with ValuesCulture.

We will respect a client's wishes should they want to publicly share that they have invested in the health of their organizational culture by partnering with ValuesCulture, but strict confidentiality is our default position.

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