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1) For companies seeking a health check for their organizational culture:


  • Employment Value Proposition (EVP) Assessment

    • ​An objective data-driven analysis of the current state of your organizational culture compiled from:

      • individual executive style/values assessments

      • one-on-one executive interviews 

      • employment brand footprint profile

      • employee survey (highly recommended but optional)

    • You'll receive a 20 point report on your EVP addressing internal alignment on your organizational culture, your key EVP differentiators, and relative attractiveness vs. peer/competitor group - as well as actionable recommendations to address opportunities for enhancing your EVP.

2) For companies seeking to define their organizational culture:

  • Employment Value Proposition (EVP) Identification and Implementation

    • Identification: A phased data-driven process of:

      • individual executive style/values assessments 

      • one-on-one executive interviews

      • facilitated leadership team session(s) to identify and define company values

      • multi-faceted validation process (validating draft values against organizational history, mission, vision, current business strategy, employment brand footprint profile, and research-based competency models) 

      • employee survey (required)

    • Implementation: A structured process of:

      • socializing the draft values with key stakeholders at various levels in the organization (and possibly The Board)

      • leveraging the rigorous validation data from the identification phase to get all stakeholders excited and engaged

      • planning a detailed schedule for incorporating the new company values into all existing processes for all phases of the employee life cycle and internal/external communications (e.g. careers page) 

      • adding new processes to support the company values 

      • planning an event to formally communicate the company values to the entire team 

      • company-wide values impact optimization plan for the following twelve months

    • You'll receive hands-on project management of this process over a 60-90 day period and 12 months of follow up support in the form of a set number of consulting hours. Hours can be used in whatever way makes most sense, based on the organizational culture priorities that emerge from the process and your internal capacity.

3) For companies seeking to promote their organizational culture:

  • Ongoing Values/Culture Strategy Partnership

    • Employment Branding/Marketing strategy for your Employment Value Proposition

    • "Cultural Debt" Risk Management - Much as it's broadly understood today that technology companies need to continually invest to minimize "technical debt" - once a strong Employment Value Proposition has been established, it is very important to protect this valuable asset. We can help by monitoring for, and providing action plans to correct, the development of any "cultural debt," i.e. cultural trappings that are at odds with the desired/stated values

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Andrea Nirenberg

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